LTL Pharma is a marketing authorization holder of prescription drugs.

We believe that proper handling of personal information in conducting business activities is our social responsibility.
To fulfill this responsibility, we will implement the following efforts.

1Obtaining, using, and providing personal information

Personal information handled at all businesses in the company and personal information of employees are properly obtained, used and provided, and will never be used beyond the scope necessary to achieve a specific purpose of use.

Prior consent from a person will be obtained when his/her personal information is handled beyond the purpose of use.

2Laws, guidance, and norms relating to personal information
Laws relating to personal information, guidance formulated by the government, and other norms will be observed.
3Safe management of personal information
In the event of illegal access, leakage, loss, destruction, falsification of personal information, reasonable preventive and corrective measures will be taken.
4Complaints and consultation relating to personal information
Complaints and consultation relating to personal information will be promptly addressed.
5Protection of personal information
(Management system to protect personal information)

To ensure proper protection of personal information, such efforts will be continuously reviewed and improved.

6Common use of personal information

LTL Pharma commonly uses the medical database (MDB) with other particular companies, which is managed and operated by Nihon Ultmarc Inc.

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