Message by top management

Tetsuo Ito

Tetsuo Ito

Representative Director, PresidentLTL Pharma Co., Ltd.

Upon the 5th anniversary of our company, I am truly humbled and honored to succeed as President of LTL Pharma. I shall do my very best to further solidify our founding philosophy of “achieving the uninterrupted, stable supply of our long-life medicines to our patients," so that we can continue to be a pharmaceutical partner that contributes to the care of patients.

We realize that LTL Pharma is now entering a new stage after its founding period. We need to recognize and grapple with the challenges now facing long-listed pharmaceutical products. It is indeed the great challenge for us to find a way to create new values to the business models of long-listed products. We need to pursue various actions, for instance, by extending product lifecycles through formulation improvement, or double-sourcing of APIs in order to further ensure stable and continuous supply of long-listed drugs to patients. Through these efforts we shall make a further step forward and grow as a pharmaceutical company.

I would like to sincerely thank all medical professionals and business partners for your continued guidance and support.