Message by top management

Jiro Mizukawa

Jiro Mizukawa

Executive ChairmanLTL Pharma Co., Ltd.

Since the establishment of the company in August 2016, thanks to the immense support we have received from the healthcare professionals and the business partners, we have been able to grow our business focused on long-listed pharmaceutical products. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to all of them.

From our humble beginning in a small office, we have been building up our structure so as to fulfill our duty as a pharmaceutical marketing authorization holder contributing to the healthcare of the society. Through this process we have gradually earned our recognition as a critical player in the pharmaceutical industry firmly grounded in our management philosophy of "achieving the uninterrupted, stable supply of the long-life medicines to patients."

With mounting pressure on the healthcare budget in Japan, building the sustainable business on long-listed pharmaceutical products is never free from constant challenges. However, I must say that it is precisely because of these challenges upon us, we do see even greater significance in what we do to overcome them so as to bring long-listed medicines to those patients who are in need of them.

I want to thank you again for your continued support extended to us well into the future.

Tetsuo Ito

Tetsuo Ito

Representative Director, PresidentLTL Pharma Co., Ltd.

Upon the 5th anniversary of our company, I am truly humbled and honored to succeed as President of LTL Pharma. I shall do my very best to further solidify our founding philosophy of “achieving the uninterrupted, stable supply of our long-life medicines to our patients," so that we can continue to be a pharmaceutical partner that contributes to the care of patients.

We realize that LTL Pharma is now entering a new stage after its founding period. We need to recognize and grapple with the challenges now facing long-listed pharmaceutical products. It is indeed the great challenge for us to find a way to create new values to the business models of long-listed products. We need to pursue various actions, for instance, by extending product lifecycles through formulation improvement, or double-sourcing of APIs in order to further ensure stable and continuous supply of long-listed drugs to patients. Through these efforts we shall make a further step forward and grow as a pharmaceutical company.

I would like to sincerely thank all medical professionals and business partners for your continued guidance and support.