Business alliance

Business alliance in and outside of Japan is an important business strategy for LTL Pharma.

LTL Pharma proactively seeks an opportunity of alliance with other pharmaceutical company to develop business both in Japan and overseas.
We continue to make efforts to enrich our portfolio of long-life medicines going forward through transfer of marketing authorizations as well as distribution from other companies.

Adding new therapeutic areas to the primary care focused in the current portfolio, we aim to expand our future portfolio and further develop overseas business with these products as well.

LTL Pharma also strengthens alliance for active pharmaceutical ingredients and other ingredients to ensure even more stable supply.

Business alliance in and outside of Japan is an important business strategy for LTL Pharma.

Alliances in Japan

  • Transfer of Marketing authorization and
  • or Distribution

Alliance status

Marketing authorization transfer of 16 products
from Astellas Pharma Inc.
H₂ receptor antagonist, antibiotics (5 products), 5-HT₃ receptor antagonist antiemetic, anti-hypertensive drugs (4 products), schizophrenia treatment drugs (2 products), mixed vitamin preparation, gelatin sponge for hemostasis, analgesic/anti-inflammatory agent
Marketing authorization transfer of a product
from Sanofi K.K.
Anti-allergic agent
Distribution transfer of 2 products
from LEO Pharma K.K.
Topical corticosteroid and anti-hemorrhoidal

Alliances in overseas

  • Supply of active pharmaceutical ingredient
  • Supply of bulk of product and final product
  • Licensing of trademark etc.

Alliance statusCountries with local partners

China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Pakistan
Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, France, and Finland
Iceland and Mexico

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