Corporate philosophy

Together With Long-life Medicines.
It Is All About Our Patients.

LTL Pharma is the company that receives from the originator companies the ownership of the so called ‘long listed pharmaceutical products’, or what we call ‘Long-life Medicines’, the products that have been on the reimbursement scheme over many years. It is therefore the overarching mission of our company to achieve stable supply without any disruption of such drugs to our patients.

As was announced in the “Fundamental Policy 2015” by the Government of Japan, now with the foremost focus placed on the promotion of new drug innovation, LTL Pharma was founded to undertake the succession of the long-listed products from new drug pharmaceutical manufacturers. Since then we have been successfully developing our business both in and outside of Japan.

In order to make this all possible, we built a very unique business model to seek for operational excellence, investing much of our management resources in ensuring safety and quality of our products, the backbone of any pharmaceutical undertakings.

Furthermore, we focused much of our efforts in maintaining and updating the enormous amount of data we have succeeded from the originator companies, such as long-term safety as well as quality data for our products. We recognize them as invaluable assets for LTL Pharma, enabling us to provide much needed information to the healthcare providers, thereby contributing to the appropriate use of our products.

As long as there is a patient in need of our Long-life Medicine, however small that product may be, we are here to defend the product and serve the patient’s need.

This is the pride that we have, and this is the reason why we are what we are.
All for the patients, all for us to be a pharmaceutical company standing up always for our patients.

Together With Long-life Medicines.It Is All About Our Patients.